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HVAC Concepts is in the business of creating today’s smart building systems using the best of intelligent equipment and devices that will work and perform optimally today and well into the future. Our optimization capabilities have led our customers to realize significantly greater operational and energy management efficiencies, increased reliability, and increased system longevity. HVAC Concepts has grown to become an end-to-end Building Automation Systems (BAS), Energy Management Systems (EMS) and Systems Integrator of choice, meeting the growing demands for the Building Internet of Things (IoT), working inside some of the most data security-sensitive facilities in the world for both government and private sector customers. We work with both large and small buildings, and single- and multi-facility companies in the Washington, DC area and along the eastern United States.

HVAC Concepts was founded in 1985 in Gaithersburg, Maryland by Kevin Perdue. For over 30 years, HVAC Concepts has been a pioneer in open building systems’ design, development and integration services and to meet our customers’ needs, provide 24/7 real-time building operations remote monitoring and alarm management services.

Our knowledge, experience and integrity are well-known attributes that have warranted our continued success and assured our customers of having a long-term, reliable partner in us.

Everyone at HVAC Concepts strives to do things right the first time and our corporate culture is to stand behind all the work we perform for our customers and provide the best customer service.

HVAC Concepts continually invests in the people that make HVAC Concepts successful to ensure they are empowered to meet our customers’ needs and expectations. We believe in making each other at HVAC Concepts better so our customers know they are getting the best from us.


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Our Timeline of Achievements


HVAC Concepts Founded

HVAC Concepts was founded in 1985 in Gaithersburg, Maryland by Kevin Perdue.

Launched KPS Controllers

In order to integrate more open architected solutions, HVAC Concepts began designing and manufacturing our own Supervisory Controllers with the KPS, S2, and Open3 Series to create their own Building Automation System (BAS) integrated solutions.

Launched 24/7 Monitoring Service

As part of our continuing efforts to meet customer needs, HVAC Concepts put together the team and systems to be able to monitor and manage customer BAS and EMS systems remotely and resolve issues for customers in real-time. To achieve the remote monitoring services at customer sites, HVAC Concepts purchased Commodore computers and repurposed their components to create a live dialup network into customers' BAS controls.

Daniel Drury Joins HVAC Concepts

Daniel Drury grew up with HVAC Concepts, joining HVAC Concepts in 1988 as a programming intern while attending the University of Maryland majoring in Electrical Engineering. Today, Dan is a Partner and the President of HVAC Concepts.

Tridium System Integrator Partner

HVAC Concepts learned about a new technology call Niagara being developed and offered by a startup company named Tridium. This revolutionary software was exactly what HVAC Concepts needed to advance our design and implement the open architected BAS solutions for our customers. HVAC Concepts became one of the early evangelists for Niagara and started working with Tridium as a direct Systems Integrator Partner.

Distech Controls Systems Integrator Partner

HVAC Concepts partnered with Distech Controls, one of the industry’s most innovative and premier BAS technology providers. HVAC Concepts is one of Distech Control’s most successful System Integration Partners in the U.S. today.

Philip Redman Joins HVAC Concepts

In 2006 Philip Redman joined HVAC Concepts and has been instrumental in growing HVAC Concepts business and expanding the markets that make up our customer base. Philip is a Partner and Vice President of HVAC Concepts today.

Founder and President Kevin Perdue Will Be Missed

After many successful years building and growing HVAC Concepts with Dan and Phil, with much sadness Kevin passed in 2011 after a hard fought battle with cancer. Kevin’s vision and can-do spirit still lives on everyday in all of us at HVAC Concepts.

Daniel Drury and Philip Redman Take the Reins

Daniel Drury and Philip Redman form their Partnership as owners of HVAC Concepts and Daniel becomes President and Philip becomes Vice President of HVAC Concepts.

24/7 Monitoring Service Exceeds 1,000 Buildings

The original Commodore Computers are long since gone, but our commitment to providing best-in-class 24/7 Monitoring and Alarm Management continues to grow.

HVAC Concepts Launches New Branding and Marketing Program

In our continuing effort to expand opportunities for our team members and to offer new opportunities to employ the next-generation of BAS, EMS and System Integrator technology gurus, it was time to enhance our identity and present to our potential customers the true value HVAC Concepts has to offer them.

HVAC Concepts joins Fidelity Building Services Group

Fidelity Engineering Corporation, a premier provider of high performance building solutions in the Mid‐Atlantic region, acquires a majority interest in HVAC Concepts.