Innovator of the Year Finalist at the 2018 Niagara Summit

Innovator of the Year Finalist at the 2018 Niagara Summit

Innovator: HVAC Concepts

Project: Fresh Produce Ripening Control


Niagara Software Version: Niagara 4

Niagara Hardware & Software: JACE 8100 and Web Supervisor

Total Hardware & Software Points: 16,000

System Arcitecture Description: All 3rd party controls, sensors and cusom graphics were tied to the JACE 8100 and the JACE 8100 tied to a Web Supervisor.

Protocols Utilized: Modbus

Systems Integrated: JACE 8100, Niagara Web Supervisor, Danfoss Refrigeration Controllers, Distech Controllers, Veris Temp Probes, Custom Graphics, logging of histories for current trends and future Niagara analytics options.


Project Description: A major fresh produce warehouse and distribution company serving the mid-Atlantic region needed to have tighter controls and real-time visibility into their fruit ripening process. They are a major supplier of fresh bananas to many different grocery store chains. The ripening process, using ethylene gas, has been utilized by the fresh produce industry since the 1940's and the process can even be dated back to ancient Egypt using this method to accelerate the ripening of figs.

Today, using Niagara 4, HVAC Concepts' integrated solution provides for significant improvements in managing room temperatures and the precise level of ethylene gas in the ripening rooms, so that the end customer gets a banana as fresh as if it was picked that morning. How fresh do you like your bananas? There is a Niagara App for that.