Steve Dodd - Session Panelist During Niagara Summit 2022

Steve Dodd - Session Panelist During Niagara Summit 2022

Tuesday, April 5, 2022 • 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM

Charlotte Convention Center | Room E217

Insights, Trends, Perspectives: An Open Conversation with Industry Influencers

The powerful forces driving the industry toward a unified strategy for controls from the edge to the cloud should also be driving you to Niagara Summit 2022. It is here that we are bringing together our full community of master systems integrators, building engineers, application developers, building owners and facility managers. Nowhere else will you find such a powerful mix of people ready to discuss how we are going to make our commercial buildings, data centers and industrial plants more intelligent, cyber secure and energy efficient as well as safe and healthy for the people inside. We're already gathering input for a rich education program around all the topics that define Niagara Framework's leadership in connectivity, data interoperability, cyber defense, tagging, compliance, etc. You can count on deep dives into edge-to-cloud workflows, managing the proliferation of IoT devices, and leveraging the Niagara Community's fast-growing number of third-party solutions and drivers.


COVID - What lessons have we learned?
EXPECTATIONS - What are the expectations of owners and operators today?
CYBERSECURITY - Who is responsible? Is the industry taking it seriously yet? Is it part of the daily discussions related to managing and operating facilities and buildings?
CONVERGENCE - The convergence of traditional building operations with the new workplace.
DIGITAL TWINS - Is it a technology? Is it a practice? How does it fit within the built environment?
ESG - What factors are going to have the most significant long-term impact to ensure success?
RESPONSIBILITY - Who is responsible for delivering the changing office environment around health - owners or tenants?
EV CHARGING STATIONS - Should they be included as part of the building’s operating system, and should they be the responsibility of facility management and operations?
TECHNOLOGY OR BUSINESS - Are we an industry driven by the technology side or the business side?