HVAC Concepts Named Innovator of the Year for Fresh Produce Warehouse BAS Solution


FREDERICK, MD (May 1, 2018) – HVAC Concepts (www.hvacc.net), a leading provider of Systems Integration, Building Automation Systems, Energy Management Systems, Advanced Analytics, and 24/7 Remote Monitoring and Alarm Management services for commercial buildings and critical facilities, , announced today that the company was voted Innovator of the Year at the 2018 Niagara Summit, hosted by Tridium. Since 1999, HVAC Concepts has been one of Tridium’s leading System Integrator Partners, using their automation technology and application framework to implement innovative building automation, energy management and enterprise integration solutions, enabling smarter and more efficient buildings.

In previous years, HVAC Concepts was a Niagara Innovator of the Year Finalist for a large convenience-store chain Fuel Monitoring solution, as well as being awarded the Tridium Spirit Award, which was presented to Dan Drury, Partner and President of HVAC Concepts.


“We are very honored and proud to have been recognized by Tridium and our peers in the broader Niagara community, once again, as Innovator of the Year at the Niagara Summit,” said Dan Drury. “This year’s recognition is for a BAS solution we provided to a major fresh produce warehouse and distribution company that needed to have tighter controls and real-time visibility into their fruit ripening processes.”

HVAC Concepts integrated Tridium JACE 8100s, a Niagara Web Supervisor, Danfoss Refrigeration Controllers, Distech Controllers, Veris Temp Probes, provided Custom Graphics and implemented logging of histories for evaluating current trends and future Niagara analytics options. Based on the Niagara Framework, all 3rd party controls, sensors and custom graphics were tied to the JACE 8100 and the JACE 8100 tied to a Web Supervisor using Niagara 4. The system consisted of 16,000 hardware and software points and utilized the Modbus protocol.

HVAC Concepts' Building Automation System solution provides for significant improvements in managing the room temperature and precise level of ethylene gas in the fruit-ripening rooms which are critical to the fruit ripening process.

More information about HVAC Concepts Building Automation, Energy Management, Systems Integration, Analytics and 24/7 Remote Monitoring services is available at www.hvacc.net.

About HVAC Concepts

Founded in 1985, HVAC Concepts has grown to become a leading end-to-end Building Automation Systems (BAS), Energy Management Systems (EMS) and Systems Integrator, meeting the growing demands for the Building Internet of Things (IoT), working inside some of the most data security-sensitive facilities in the world for both government and private sector customers. We work with both large and small buildings, and single- and multi-facility companies in the Washington, DC area and along the eastern United States. For more information about HVAC Concepts, visit www.hvacc.net.