8280 Greensboro Drive

Location McLean, Virginia
Client Owners
Category Office Building
Gross Sq. Ft. 221,200

LEED-EB O&M Gold Certified
ENERGY STAR Score 80, Certified

The office building at 8280 Greensboro Drive in McLean, VIrginia is a nine-story, cast-in-place concrete office building with full glass-curtain walls situated on a 2.64 acre parcel outside of Washington, DC. The ENERGY STAR score was raised from 47 to 80, annual energy consumption was reduced by 28%, water use reduced by 27%, diverting 52% of waste from landfills, and airborne particulates reduced using MERV 13 filters to earn a LEED-EB O&M Gold certification.

Our Solutions

HVAC Concepts designed and installed a new Tridium Energy Management System (EMS) and updated the EMS sequences for greater energy savings.

Project Details: 8280 Greensboro Drive

  • Installed a new programmable Energy Management System (EMS) in 2011 to enable greater control over various HVAC components. The EMS enabled the engineering team to align the lease-defined hours of operation to the building systems so that some building HVAC components could be shut-down outside of business hours.
  • An electrical meter replacement tied to the EMS allowed tracking and diagnostics of real-time electricity demand with an alarm generated by the EMS to identify spikes. A no-cost audit of night-time energy use was saving 200 kW of energy demand.
  • Additional controls were added to the terminal units, the air handling and heat pump units (AHUs). Programmable controllers allow the AHUs to employ Optimal Start/Stop and fan-only modes. The addition of Direct Digital Control (DDC) of the outside air dampers and sensors further contribute to energy and cost savings without sacrificing tenant comfort
  • New lighting controls were tied into the new EMS. Both tenant and common area lighting match the hours of operation. Lighting controls and occupancy sensors were also added to the three-level parking garage.