In the late 1990’s HVAC Concepts learned about a new technology call Niagara developed and offered by a startup company named Tridium. This revolutionary software was exactly what HVAC Concepts needed to advance their design and implement the open architected BAS solutions for its customers. HVAC Concepts became one of the early evangelists of the Niagara Framework and started working with Tridium as a direct System Integrator partner. Today, Tridium is a world leader in business application frameworks — advancing truly open environments that harness the power of the Internet of Things. Their innovations have fundamentally changed the way people connect and control devices and systems. Tridium's products allow us to help people and machines communicate and collaborate like never before. HVAC Concepts is one of Tridium’s most successful Integrator of Things™ today.

Our engineering and support staff receive regular training to maintain their Niagara AX/N4 Technical Certifications and Niagara AX/N4 Developer Certifications.

Documentation For Download

pdfTridium Niagara 4 Brochure


pdfNiagara 4 FAQs


pdfNiagara 4.2 Supervisor Data Sheet


pdfTridium JACE 8000 Data Sheet


pdfThe Niagara Framework®